Who I am.

Hello, my name is Snik :)

I discovered my passion for webdesign and webcoding when I was about 14 years old. The dream of making my own website didn't let me sleep. So I decided to learn the required skills by myself. I created my first website - learning by doing. Nowadays, Webdesign and Webcoding is a huge hobby of me, sometimes I invest more time, sometimes very less to any. Another dream of me was to create some websites for other people, have my own templates, which other people can use for free, and also to have a blog or a hosting platform.
This was the birth of the qhost-project.

This is what I do.


With the newest web standards, such as HTML5 & CSS3, you can create beautiful websites. I love to create clean and simple websites which are fully responsible to mobile devices.


Today design is one of the most important aspect, and so i also focus on design. For free templates hit the button bellow.

Free Templates

Blog & others

I recently started my very first blog. This is also part of the project, and i hope you will follow my blog.



All Templates are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, which means you can download them, use them as you want (private AND also commercial) & change them for your needs - just give qhost.at credit for the template.
If you like my work feel free to pay me some coffees :)



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MinimalBLOG v2.1

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Wordpress Onepage Theme

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